What percentage of my donation or fundraising goes to suicide prevention programs?

At SAVE, 92% of the budget goes to Program Services while only 8% goes to Administrative costs.


Can I fundraise in honor or memory of a loved one?

Yes, you may fundraise in honor or memory of a loved one.  You can do this informally by acknowledging the person you are fundraising for in your personal page or you can establish a SAVE Named Memorial. A Named Memorial is a memorial established to honor and/or remember someone who has lost his or her life through suicide. SAVE’s online fundraising program allows you to fundraise in support of a Named Memorial by selecting Named Memorial for your fundraising option. For more information go to www.save.org/namedmemorial.

What if someone wants to make a donation through cash or check?

SAVE’s online fundraising program tracks “offline” donations, cash or checks, and you can add these to your page to more accurately reflect the success of your efforts. To add an offline contribution, log in to your fundraising page, select “my account,” then “my events,” and “view donations.” Click on “add a cash/check contribution” and enter the amount and contact information for the donor. All cash and checks can be mailed to SAVE at 7900 Xerxes South, Suite 810, Bloomington, MN 55431.


 Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, all donations or purchases completed through SAVE's online fundraising program and website are secured.

I want to make a donation to a fundraising page but don't like submitting the information over the web. What should I do?

If you don't feel comfortable making a donation online, contact the person who is promoting their online fundraising for SAVE and tell them you would like to support their efforts with cash or a check. Or, you may send a check to SAVE- Suicide Awareness Voices of Education at 7900 Xerxes South, Suite 810, Bloomington, MN 55431. Indicate that you are contributing to an individual’s online fundraising page, give us their name and we will forward your name and donation amount to them. Fundraising pages also track “offline” donations, so your fundraiser will receive credit for your contribution.

I have a question about an online donation. Whom can I call?

Please call SAVE at 952-946-7998 or email save@save.org for questions regarding online donations.