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Thank you for starting a fundraising page in support of suicide prevention! To begin creating your custom page and start collecting donations, click on the registrater now button. If you are interested in making a donation to support a SAVE fundraising page, click on make a donation and search for the name of the person who is fundraising for SAVE.

How to Use This Fundraising Option
A SAVE fundraising page is a great way to raise money on behalf of suicide prevention. All you need to do is customize your fundraising page, establish a goal and email it out to friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you would like to invite to support your cause and efforts. It's that simple.

Support Your Fundraising Event
You can also use a SAVE fundraising page as an online addition to a fundraising event or activity that you are already planning. Walks, concerts, car washes, athletic and endurance competitions are all great ways to raise funds. We have even had people raise money through ice fishing tournaments and skydiving. Online fundraising is an effective way to broaden your circle of supporters. It gives the people who are unable to attend your event a chance to support you through an online donation.


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