Isaac Thompson

Push for Awareness 2019

Support Me

Three years ago I had no idea about this event. One of my best friends, Joe Henning, and I were longboarding around when we ran into another group of people telling us about a skate shop that was closing down. After we got to the shop and were looking around for a bit there was a small flyer that caught my eye. In big bold letters, 150 Miles! At first, I jokingly told Joe that we should do it. I took a picture of the flyer and looked up more information about the event and the organization. After learning about this cause, I knew that this was something that I was meant to do. 

The fact that we were actually going to be longboarding 150 miles over the course of three days didn't hit me until the morning of the first day, but I was not scared because of the support from the other riders as well as the amazing people that provide food and water along the route for us.

Things can get hard, but you just have to keep pushing.


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