With the loss of my baby sissy Barb on March 17, 2016 due to suicide my heart is just broken.  I have a hole in my heart that will be empty forever.  In her death I will be her voice to help raise awareness for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness.  Together we CAN make a difference. 

My goal is to help increase awareness of the life changing emotional impact that suicide has taken on for myself and others.  Sometimes it’s the baby steps we start to take after a loss that helps us to heal and move forward.  Together we CAN make a difference.

I have a sister up in heaven and I miss her every moment of everyday.  Barb is my angel, she watches over me every day. Barb is the gently breeze that brushes against my cheek, the butterflies that fly by wild flower garden, the vibrant colors of the rainbow after a rain and forever my sister.  There are many days when the tears flow freely down my cheeks, a wise woman shared with me, crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how broken your heart is. The priceless memories, laughter, photos and love I have for Barb will help to heal my heart.

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Thank you for your continued love, kind words and support.