I am running the 2021 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN to raise money for mental health awareness through SAVE - Suicide Awareness and Voices of Education. SAVE was one of the first non-profits in the country dedicated to the prevention of suicide. They do amazing work in raising awareness, teaching best practices to work with people struggling with depression, providing grief counseling and much more. Many people like me have benefited from the resources that SAVE provides, when I was six my Mom lost her struggle with depression and committed suicide.  

When my Mom was just a few years older than me she also ran and completed the 1988 Grandma's Marathon. I am running in her memory - and to hopefully beat her time :). Since discovering a Grandma's Marathon poster when I was home from College for winter break and learning it was from my Mom I have had the goal of running Grandma's Marathon. Running to raise money for SAVE makes this even more meaningful for me and will also  help prevent other families from going through what me and my family did many years ago. 


Any donations are greatly appreciated. 

Go to Save.org for more info on the charity