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Grandma's Marathon 2023

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Hi, I’m Maddie! Welcome to my fundraising page for Team SAVE. I’m running with Team SAVE for the Grandma’s Half Marathon this year and am hoping to raise money for this incredible organization while training. I would graciously appreciate your help in fundraising. This will be my second half marathon and first time running Grandma’s Half-Marathon. Mental illness is near and dear to my heart and I’m honored to run for an organization (with offices right here in Minnesota!) that supports mental health and suicide prevention. Please consider donating to this beautiful cause. 

Per SAVE’s site:

What sets SAVE apart from other organizations?

SAVE is the only organization to have developed an evidenced-based program for suicide prevention.  SAVE is the only national organization to have an Executive Director that is internationally recognized. SAVE is the only suicide prevention organization that provides a full continuum of services from prevention to intervention to postvention.  SAVE is the only organization that holds an interactive memorial program for those lost to suicide with over 800 funds currently opened.  SAVE is the only suicide prevention organization in the country to be approved by the BBB.”

Thank you for your consideration!