Houston Memorial for Chester Bennington on August 12, 2017

A fundraising campaign sponsored by Jessica Carcamo

December 31, 2017

Support Me

You are, and forever will be, one of the main reasons why many of us are still here. Its sad that sometimes, the demons did not let you feel how important you ARE to many of us. We want to let you know that you meant a lot to those of us growing up in hard situations, and you continue to be a strong force in our lives. We will continue to feel you in the beautiful songs you left us with for many years to come. We will continue to spread the love and help others see and feel what it is you helped us see and feel. It hurt our hearts like no other to hear of your passing. The demons left you, and your beautiful soul can finally rest. We are trying to recover from this loss, and we probably won't for a while, but know that we will continue to love you, and share our stories of our road to recovery. We love you and will never forget you!! Through this tragedy, we hope to bring awareness to depression and suicide. We will continue your work of spreading love and hope. It's ok to not be ok, but there is a way through that state of mind, if you seek help. Your donation will go to an amazing cause to help those find the resources needed to find the support they need to find that way back from the demons. Thank you all in advance for helping his vision of helping those in need.


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